Bringing Home Your Puppy

Congratulations on your new addition to your home! We are so excited that this beautiful F1 Golden-doodle puppy will be heading to their forever home soon! We just wanted to share some quick tips with you to make sure the final transaction and your ride home go as smooth as possible.

1. The Two P's: Payment & Paperwork

I know, I know, these are the not so fun things to talk about when buying a puppy but we must, so here you go:

The final payment can be made one of 3 ways:

1. Cash (Preferred)
2. Cashiers Check
3. PayPal, Venmo, Cash App (3.8% convenience fee for these payment methods)

If you would like to pay by PayPal you must notify us ahead of time so we can send you an invoice and this payment must be made PRIOR to picking up your puppy.

We will make sure that all the paperwork is there and ready for you to sign. This paperwork not only protects us, but it protects you the buyer. We want to make sure down the road that there are no misunderstandings and that everything is clear between both you and Blue Ridge Doodles. You will have to sign both a Contract, and a copy of our Guarantee.

2. Things to Bring

To make sure your ride home goes smooth we recommend bringing the following items:

  1. Crate (Unless you plan on your new furry friend riding on your lap)
  2. Towels (Especially if your furry friend is riding home on your lap)
  3. Cleaning supplies (It is not abnormal for your puppy to get car sick on the way home, so bring some paper towels and cleaning products just in case)
  4. A Plastic bowl and Bottle of Water (Especially if you have over a 2 hour trip)
  5. Toys to keep your dog entertained on the trip home
  6. Blanket (To help with car sickness (See next tip for more info)
  7. Leash/Collar

3. Helpful Tips For The Trip

It is not abnormal for your dog to get car sick, but there are several ways you can help alleviate the possibility. First off, don't let your dog look out the window. This often makes them sick. If they are riding in a crate you can use a light sheet to cover their crate so they can not see out the window. Make sure to not cover it completely so they can get fresh air. If they are riding in your lap sometimes it helps to cover the window next to you with a blanket or sheet so they can not see out.

It is VERY IMPORTANT that on your trip home that you do not let them use the bathroom where other dogs do. Many times at rest areas there will be a designated doggy bathroom area. Your puppies immune system is not strong enough to be exposed to all those other dogs germs/bacteria just yet. It is better to take them to an area where you do not see any visible dog droppings to avoid your new puppy picking up a sickness.

Comforting Music. This will be the longest trip your puppy has taken in a car. If they start to get a little stressed, turn on some soothing music to help calm them. The power of music is AMAZING!

4. Call Us!

As always, if you ever have any questions or concerns about your new family member please do not hesitate to let us know! We are here for you!

Walter: (704) 657-2383
Daniel: (704) 352-9190

Thank you for choosing Blue Ridge Doodles. We know this home raised doodle will bring you years of joy, memories, and love!