Bailey & Huck’s Litter 2021

If there is a green check mark next to your name that means it is your turn to pick a puppy! If you have any specific questions please let us know.
Miss Pink
Miss Purple
Miss Mint
Miss White
Miss Red
Mr Black
Mr Green
Mr Orange
Mr Gold
Mr Blue
✅ = Available ❌ = Picked
NameCoatUnique CharacteristicsSizeTemperament
Miss PinkWavy Cream45-55Mostly 4's
Miss PurpleDark CreamLight Chest45-55Mostly 3's
Miss MintCreamWhite: Paws, Tail, Head45-55Mostly 4's
Miss WhiteCreamWhite: Back Paws, Chest,Tail45-55Mostly 3'
Miss RedDark Cream45-55Mostly 4's
Mr BlackRed45-55Mostly 5's
Mr GreenCreamBrown Nose45-55Mostly 3's
Mr OrangeCreamWhite on: Snout, Head45-55Mostly 4's
Mr GoldCream45-55Mostly 2's
Mr BlueCreamBrown Nose45-55Mostly 3's
These are all estimates. We can not guarantee a puppy's size, coat, or personality as they can change as they get older, but based on the information we have now and our years of experience, this is a great tool to use when making the final decision in picking your puppy.

What do the Voldhar Scores Mean?

Mostly 1’s 

  • Strong desire to be pack leader and is not shy about bucking for a promotion
  • Should only be placed into an experienced home where the dog will be trained and worked with on a regular basis

Mostly 2’s 

  • Also has leadership aspirations
  • Has lots of self-confidence
  • Should not be placed into an inexperienced home
  • Needs strict schedule, lots of exercise.
  • Has the potential to be a great show dog with someone who understands dog behavior

Mostly 3’s

  • Can be a high-energy dog and may need lots of exercise
  • Good with people and other animals
  • Can be a bit of a handful to live with
  • Needs training, does very well at it and learns quickly
  • Great dog for second time owner.

Mostly 4’s

  • Best choice for the first time owner.
  • Easy to train, and rather quiet.
  • Easy to train

Mostly 5’s

  • Timid/Shy
  • Runs away when scared
  • Often afraid of loud noises and thunder storms. 

Mostly 6’s

  • Independent
  • Doesn’t care if he is trained
  • A great guard dog for gas stations!