Our Team

Walter & Ann Wagner are the founders of Blue Ridge Doodles and have been breeding English Cream Goldens, and Goldendoodles for over 10 years. Their love for the English Cream Goldens is evident with their 3 beautiful dogs, Gwen, Ivey and Rose.

Walter brings to the table an expertise and knowledge of how to breed and raise quality puppies in loving homes. He is in charge of making sure that all the dogs at Blue Ridge Doodles remain healthy and are well taken care of. He is our CFO and manages the day to day business operations.

Ann is our resident midwife, and does a wonderful job making sure all the puppies are delivered successfully, and that the mothers are comfortable/well taken care of. She also oversees all immunizations that our puppies require before heading to their forever homes.

Daniel & Kelly Bishop have been with Blue Ridge Doodles since the Wagners began planning the business in 2018.

Daniel is in charge of all things technology from keeping our website updated to running our social media outlets. He is also the first person you will probably speak to at Blue Ridge Doodles, and enjoys talking about our wonderful puppies!

Kelly is our resident photographer and makes sure the pups look their best when they head out for their weekly glamour shots! The Bishops are home to our two Irish Setters: Bailey & Sadie.

Our partner families

We believe it is important for our breeding mom's to be raised in loving environments where each one can receive the attention and love they need and deserve. That is why each of our dogs are placed with one of our partner families. These families play a vital role in our business. We believe you will be able to tell the difference in our puppies! We do not have large facilities with dozens of dogs. Instead at Blue Ridge Doodles, you will find several loving homes, where each dog is not just a business asset but is part of the family!

Cody, Ruth, Ian, &
Hudson Sturgill

Josh & Lindsey Estep

Herby & Michelle Pierce

Mike, Terri, & Erin Larkin