Sadie & Huck’s Litter 2021

If there is a green check mark next to your name that means it is your turn to pick a puppy! If you have any specific questions please let us know.
Miss White
Miss Peppermint
Miss Yellow
Miss Mint
Miss Red
Miss Purple
Mr Double Green
Mr Black
Mr Orange
Mr Light Green
Mr Dark Green
Mr Black & White
Mr Blue & White
Mr Blue
✅ = Available ❌ = Picked

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NameCoatEst. SizeTemperament
Miss WhiteWavy45-55 lbsMostly 4's
Miss PeppermintWavy45-50 lbsMostly 4's
Miss YellowWavy45-55 lbsMostly 4's
Miss RedWavy45-50 lbsMostly 4's
Miss PurpleStraight/Wavy45-55 lbsMostly 3's
Miss MintWavy45-55 lbsMostly 4's
Mr Double GreenWavy45-55 lbs Mostly 4's
Mr BlackWavy45-55 lbsMostly 3's
Mr OrangeWavy45-55 lbsMostly 4's
Mr Light GreenWavy45-55 lbsMostly 4's
Mr Dark GreenWavy50-55 lbsMostly 3's
Mr Black & WhiteWavy45-55 lbsMostly 2's
Mr Blue & WhiteWavy50-55 lbsMostly 4's
Mr BlueWavy50-55 lbsMostly 4's
These are all estimates. We can not guarantee a puppy's size, coat, or personality as they can change as they get older, but based on the information we have now and our years of experience, this is a great tool to use when making the final decision in picking your puppy.

What do the Voldhar Scores Mean?

Mostly 1’s 

  • Strong desire to be pack leader and is not shy about bucking for a promotion
  • Should only be placed into an experienced home where the dog will be trained and worked with on a regular basis

Mostly 2’s 

  • Also has leadership aspirations
  • Has lots of self-confidence
  • Should not be placed into an inexperienced home
  • Needs strict schedule, lots of exercise.
  • Has the potential to be a great show dog with someone who understands dog behavior

Mostly 3’s

  • Can be a high-energy dog and may need lots of exercise
  • Good with people and other animals
  • Can be a bit of a handful to live with
  • Needs training, does very well at it and learns quickly
  • Great dog for second time owner.

Mostly 4’s

  • Best choice for the first time owner.
  • Easy to train, and rather quiet.
  • Easy to train

Mostly 5’s

  • Timid/Shy
  • Runs away when scared
  • Often afraid of loud noises and thunder storms. 

Mostly 6’s

  • Independent
  • Doesn’t care if he is trained
  • A great guard dog for gas stations!