My wife & I began breeding dogs when my wife was diagnosed with cancer.  We got our first two Golden Retrievers to distract our two daughters from what their mother was going through in their lives.  My adult daughters, now have goldens of their own.  I grew up with dogs and I fell instantly in love with the Golden Retrievers.  I have been breeding dogs now for over 17 years.  We first started with English Cream Golden Retrievers.  After about 6 years of breeding the English Cream Goldens, we started breeding our Goldens with Poodles to start our business in the Golden Doodle field.  We felt like people were looking for a dog that did not shed as much as the Golden Retrievers.  We personally have six Goldens that live with us and our stud dog "Huck" who is a standard poodle.  They are not only great therapy for us but they are what we call FAMILY!

Meet Walter

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